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Rolzo07 New Season~
Monday July 16, 2007, 12:15 am
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I am officially working part time with FFTH.. (confirmed, chopped, guaranteed)
Contrary to popular belief, nope I ain’t getting married… LOL

Currently things are looking kinda disorganised. Actually I am quite ok with the fluidity of things BUT.. when there are too many open stuff to keep track, that will kinda force me to sit down, think, plan and action. Yeah.. gotta close up stuff.. As the saying goes.. Don’t let a molehill turn into a mountain! 

Hmmm.. so.. what happens if it’s too late liao?

Divde and CONQUER!
You gotta break it down..!
Take some paper and pen.. DL on it.. Get a good picture of the mountain and plan the slices..

and.. Slice it.. ( swank swank swank *sound effect of blade swirl*)

Identity the origins of where are the inlets.. Develop a system to manage it.

Keep working at it and DONT give up.

Just tell yourself that it will soon be over..!

yeah..It WILL! 😀

Ok now after successfully rescuing some of my time back and of course that didn’t come free la.. I paid for their ransom! 😉 yar.. which also means I’m official poorer – ey but not necessarily freer arr… BUT.. Of course welcome ur jio for coffee~, lunch, dinner, shop, movies though.. Sure can make time for a friend ya.. 🙂

But yeah.. as I mentioned earlier, things are a little everywhere now.. Not overwhelming but kinda not in tune with me yet.. Hope I’ll find my balance soon. Towards a happier Rolz!! 😀


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swank swank swank swank swank swank swank swank swank!

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