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Have u ever been Played Out?
Sunday July 1, 2007, 11:51 pm
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1st July, a team of Ignyters from Trinity Christian Centre put together an inspiring live/video drama-song & dance presentation called Played Out – Reality Bites. Creatively crafted from the story of 2 individuals  who were tranformed by the Love of Lord Jesus Christ.

Some snips…
This is a shot when Wendy the female lead recalled how mummy took her own life.
The part I was overwhelmed with emotions…

played-out5.jpg playedout1.jpg
They came on to share their story.. Yeah.. real lives, real stories….

 One of the story
She said,

When I was young, I always wondered why I didn’t have a happy family. Life played out on me. My Dad left my mum when I was barely 2.
Later on, one morning, I woke up and found out that my mum committed suicide! She left just like that. My whole world crashed. I still remembered that day when I walked out of my bedroom. There was a crowd of people outside the door, at that moment my grandfather turned around and said,
“ Ning Lao Bu See Liao!”
 I was devastated. At 7, I know what that meant – That meant I will never see her again. She played out on me.

I cried the whole day that day. I was suddenly left alone in this worly without a kin. I was an angry child. I screamed deep within me. “Why me? Why does it happen to ME!!!” My relatives tried to love and care for me but nothing could heal that broken heart. I felt lost and very alone. I wanted to feel belonged to something.. or someone.
I craved for acceptance and belonging with the friends I had in school. In school I was the sweet popular girl whom everyone liked. I would always be nice to everyone and always smiling. At home I was a rebellious child who would cry till I get my way.
Subsequently, I was pubbing at 13. Alcohol, glue sniff, drugs, smoking… You name it. I did everything just to be part of the group. I was cutting myself cuz everyone else was doing it. I needed to numb that pain and loneliness deep inside. Later on I dropped out of school at Sec 2

Reality hit me at the lowest point in my life. I being to realize that all that I was doing was meaningless. Life became like an endless cycle of pain and emptiness. I don’t know what to do with my life. There were nights that I would feel so depressed that I would cry out to my mum, “Mummy, Mummy! Why DID YOU LEAVE ME ALL ALONE IN THIS WORLD?? What am I suppose to do with my life!” I almost committed suicide…. I thought maybe to follow my mum’s way to end my pain. 
Somehow I knew I needed someone to save me from all this mess. I needed a place to run and hide. I didn’t know where to turn to. Finally turn myself in to the police. Up to this day I believe it has been God’s doing that made them put me in an isolation cell in Changi Women’s Prison. I was grateful that someone came to share with me the love of Christ. That I belong to Him and He has a destiny for my life. When I heard that I grabbed that chance and rededicated my life to Him. I followed Dorothy in the sinners’ prayer and right after that something supernatural happened!!
Such intense joy filled my heart that I felt like leaping! Although circumstances around me was still the same. Something told me that it will never be the same again.

Yes, life has never been the same. Although life hasn’t been always easy…
BUt I know… since then, I have never walked alone. Reality bites but Praise God, Jesus saved me! The greatest thing in my life is knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Now I know, my life is not a mistake. He has a plan and purpose for my life.
I said to Him, “Jesus here’s my life, You have saved it and now it’s Yours. Do what You want with it. Jesus take over!

Life can be harsh and played you out but JESUS will stick with you to the end.
Glory to God!

The presentation soared with this wrap up song Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Pray that all that the Lord has touched through this will start their journey to discover the everlasting Love of Jesus….
More on Played Out>>


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