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Ey.. Why no blog liao?
Wednesday June 20, 2007, 12:40 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Aiya.. busy lor.. (Excuse!!!~)
*Actually it’s can’t be bothered = LAZY*

okok.. will resume bloga bloga over the weekend ~ 😀

In one breath?
At the threshold.. Getting ready to jump and free fall.. Can see clearly what’s beneath but I’m gonna go and find out..

a) rock bottom – get a flat face,  pull pull a bit and get up and walk

b) a bottomless pit – Then I’ll be flying!! Woohoo!~~

c) A Superbeing zooms out to save me!! – Ahh… my Hero! ( yeah.. someday  my Prince will come) 😉

d)  None of the above – Hurr… (move back a few steps …. O.o)


It’s now or never..

So let’s hit it BOyzz..!



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What’re you saying? Hur hur. O_O

Let’s………. hit it?

Comment by shiaho

😀 Figuratively… ay, it’s not suppose to be very clear… If you got lame brain, you might get my drift.. hahas..

Comment by rolz911

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