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Long time no blog. Update Express!
Sunday May 6, 2007, 2:25 am
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I haven’t blog for almost a month. Well.. that doesn’t mean my live has come to a standstill.. Yupz.. You’ll know most of the time it’s quite the opposite. Too fast to keep track of what’s going on.

I think of reasons people don’t blog or stop blogging

1. Like to keep their thoughts to themselves

2. Like to share BUT.. dont know how to phrase it

3. Too lazy( most common excuse: actually  I think this is like using “nice” to express good feeling just about anything. A convenient excuse that is like a mask to some root reasons)

4. Too busy( sometimes can be real but sometimes like a common excuse)

5. Afraid of being judged by what they said

6. Confused or in a state of turmoil.

7. Got heart, no strength. Liken to having the intention but not determine enough to translate that into action OR retracting back when face with inconveniences or difficulties. 

Any other reasons you can think of? What about you.. what make you stop or dont want to blog? 🙂

Anyway some quick updates on what has transpire in the past 1 month.

– Started visiting waigong on sundays
– The aunt who was staying with him collapsed and died the next day after our very first visit.
– wake – witnessed some intense emotional confrontation
– Aunt’s Funeral
– Cycled to Eunos on my own for the first time!
– decided to stop cycling for a while
– started planning for a new set up
– lost sleep due to a late nite episode :S
– Love someone more
– Got to know a new gal
– had meaningful conversations with colleague
– read, think, talk to people, research, get help, plan, plan, plan and action on  some
– Pack my room, shifted things room. Found some cards from friends. Reread them.
– Getting excited over new ideas
– Got irritated by self-centred freaks
– Went for Leaders’ Summit!
– Fumbled over a recent presentation and wonder what happened to me. :/

Currently experiencing some hiccups in my planning. sigh… I’ll keep working at it la.. I believe if there is a will, there is a way.. I need focus and favor of God. Noticed that I have been easily irritated as a side-effect of encountering hiccups. Haiz.. gotta learn how to work out my thoughts and sort out my feelings then I think I will be ok la.. this is bad la.. 😦

So that my update express delivery… Hope you’ve been well my friend? – drop me a note on how you’ve been too ya.. 🙂


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