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Wednesday April 11, 2007, 9:45 am
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Got a call from Singtel today. Guess what? My 2 year contract is up! Sam over the other line said that they have a special promotion for me.

1. They will rebate $4 off my bill every month (ahemm…   cheap thrill.. ) 

2. For the whole period of the contract, I will be eligible for unlimited upgrade of phone. Which means to say I can claim my $0 phones as many times as I want to. ( Ahh.. that sounds better…)

He went on blah blah blah…. and YES I went for it!
Check out my 1st $0 phone that I claimed today… haha..  
Realise that nowadays hp look so boring.. It was a boring grey/black Nokia verses the  Sony Ericsson W200i.. Yupz this is my choice..! 😉  


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hey yo~
great to see ya on sun..
miss ya~

btw, we have the same phone! heez..
yeah i agreed that our phone is a better choice than those boring nokia black phones~ whahaa 😛

take care.. hope to see ya soon again..

Comment by Nana

haha.. aiya.. I’m having probs with it now le cuz I am holding to another Nokia phone at the same time.. I like the design but having trouble getting use to the keypad and all.. You know how to make the ring tone really loud? 😉 Yeah.. so glad to hug ya on Sunday.. Hope u’ve been well? 🙂

Comment by rolz911

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