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Wednesday March 28, 2007, 11:00 pm
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If there is a will.. There will be a way
To die is not the end..
Remember babe, you still
have to face God in the end

There is really no excuse
To take your own life
No matter how hard
Hey baby don’t run away


Be brave..
Face your problems
Don’t leave as a coward.
My friend, you won’t be alone.

I hear you shouting
Where is the real Love
And then you’re sinking in
A shit hole of depression.


Don’t keep talking only to people
About all your problems
For you know that they c
an’t really
Solve all your problems

Cuz alot of times problems
Seems so huge like a mountain
People can only listen
give u a few advices


But when u learn to bring all your problems
Turn to GOd who listens
Learn to trust Him
Hey why don’t you try taking
Some godly wisdom

If after talking so long
You still thinking of dying
Then I’ll shake off the dust
And then tell you
I do not respect you 

~ ~~~~~~~ ~

Up and down, up and down
Is that how you are living your life? 

Up and down, up and down
Now GO… get a real life! 


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NOTED. thanks =D

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