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Love the flowers… ~ :)
Wednesday February 14, 2007, 4:16 pm
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In my opinion, festive seasons or seasons that encircle around the concept of “bliss” is most often the most miserable days for people. This is due to how that concept generates a desire to be appreciated which in turn choke up a load of idealistic fastasy in our mind. – Often times what happens in reality does match up to our fastasy wat. So we will be a lot happy if we can shake ourselves up when we find ourselves slipping into the clouds…!
On this dreadful day, minds busy, fingers crossed as my eyes can’t help but glaze on.. Oh how I envy that look of bliss on her face…! It’s very much like a limbotic day. It’s like I would so love to receive suprises but if I’m the only “lucky”one I felt bad too.. This sure came as an absolute suprise..
This came from a volunteer that I work quite a bit with last year.. Due to various stuff and the fact that I’ve moved on to other area of work in the recently half year, we sort of lose touch… So sweet of him.. 😀 I was glad that although he address it to me, he wrote a greeting to the rest of the ladies in the office..! So it’s like everyone received this. 🙂  

Today also happen to be jojo’s mommy’s bday.. Thanks to the brilliant idea from ZC, I decided to call up and wish her happy bday.. heehee.. If joy comes to you.. Remember to pass it on.. Decided to get her flowers on friday when I come. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled…

The most beautiful things in life are mostly all natural..  There is a certain dignity and resilence about them.. The simple, plain and originals.. It soothes, calm and relieve the heavy laden souls. Next time you feel stress dun go for artifical fixes.. Try nature therapy.. Talk a walk in the cool of the evening and allow your senses to tune into His works. Allow that small voice to be heard. That voice that speaks wise counsels from above..

Know that you are deeply loved by your Maker and He will not forget about you…
I love you too dear friends… 😉  


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