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The Psalmic groans~~ I fell in love with the God of David ~~
Tuesday February 6, 2007, 6:00 pm
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Recently i have started getting involved in developing curriculum for the bible class for the Ignyte youth.
The topic?
Character study on King David.
David, the one reputed to be THe man after God’s own heart. Before crowds of people, he  was the unashamed worshipper who displayed his passion for this invisible yet Almighty ruler God. That brave shepherd boy who fought against bears and lions for the lives of his sheeps. We also remember him as the one who told away the only wife of Uriah, one of his loyal soldiers and arrange to have him killed. How could such a lover and worshipper of GOd fall to the shit-hole of sin so greatly.

Well.. We just need to doze off for a split second to end up in an grave car accident. (Food for thought) :/

rolharpist.jpgIn my early years as a Christian, I used to memorise Psalm and thought about what it meant. I then recited them as my prayer to God. David taught me how to relate to God no matter what emo state I may be in. Happy, sad, worried, moody, afraid,  terrified, overjoyed. you name it. David almost has a psalm for everything. haha..!! Yupz he’s my prayer mentor. 🙂 Amazingly as I recite these psalms i begin to develop my relationship with God. I realise as i recite these psalms I let the yearnings of David grow in my own heart. He taught me how to cry out to GOd from my heart..

Then there comes a period of time I got a little sick of David as I find he gets over quoted. To a point, I was thinking, “not again..” David yar yar.. it turn into like majiam a cliche.. Everybody wants to be like a David. I was like thinking maybe I like to pick another character to be different or at least for a change? – That’s me trying to be different.. 😆 But then again.. He is a good pick.. 😉

I always enjoyed taking on new things in my life.. I like to experience how newness or the new invasions affect me as a person. I like the adventure of discovery of learnings these journey brings.. It’s liken to you’ll never know what you are gonna get.. 😀 So the revisitation of David brings a refreshing tenderness in my heart. A tenderness in my relationship with God. For the first time after a couple of months i started chatting with God again.

It has grown more and more official as time passes.. It has grown to be more and more like work. Get things done.. do this do that.. I was responding like a grudging slave, sulking with sudden private outburst of frustration where I will go rattling on how upset I am. Tell you.. when u ain’t at peace with God, it will spill over to your other relationships.. You begin to develop this heck care attitude towards people in your life. Then get sloppy and not wanna work out the hurdles and hiccups in your relationship with people.

As I took a long walk home last night after an afternoon of catch up with David.. I found myself chatting with Him again.. The next morning I woke up, I greeted Him naturally.. With tangles in my hair and sleepy eyes, I mumble in response to that small voice as I hurried along to get ready for work.. I sensed a quiet joy deep down in heart.. I felt quietly happy. It’s like a inner bliss that nothing in the world cannot rob you off..  

I love you LOrd.

I think I’m in love again… 😉 


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