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ROlz moving out ~
Thursday January 4, 2007, 12:42 am
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The “family” was quite troubled about where to house my waigong after his discharge in 2-3 weeks time. He can’t go back to where he stayed as there is an aunt there who is not very sound mentally and can be quite nasty. So proved it not to be a suitable place for him and maid to return to. After much consideration, the verdict is that I will shift out so that waigong and mai could shift in with my uncle who his eldest son. Everyone thinks the responsibilty is on the eldest son to care for him.

To be frank, intiately I was a little affected as this is a room that I have personalised and settled down for 6 years. It has been an arrangement that have been very comfortable for me. No nagging peeps to bug me, nice shiok shower, great area for cycling, friendly auntie wilma and all that I am used to. Although I am not very much at home most of the time, it is still a place I have created for myself..

Fortunately, I can shift in with pa & ma in Toa Payoh but I know it’s not gonna be the same again… … I can’t help feeling frustrated over this sudden change in my life. Interestingly today over SP outing tonight, we got talking about DISC personality test and I realise that being an IS(Influencing, Steady) my attitude towards changes will be I love to intiate and create that but hate it when it was imposed on me. Actually coming to think of it.. Who likes that?!

in short: I HATE SHIFTING #@!! Agrhh…..  yucks pui pui…

I am a little upset with xiaoyi for kicking up a fuss over this matter. After talking to my uncle, I realise that the problem was a lot simpler and the solution is I WILL shift out so that waigong can shift in. SO I sms her and told her it has been settled and I dont need her help to shift. I will do it by myself.
Now it down to the practicals of everything. Plan how, what & when to shift. & the longer you are in a place, the more things you will accumulate. – I wonder if there is enough space for everything I want to take with me. Sigh.. Oh well.. I will sort that out soon..
AS for now here’s a tribute to my room!! Come on in… 😉
Door says Love bears all things… Means pls bear with her!! 😆Now let’s take a clockwise perspective of my little nest.. Starting to the left from my door;
The built in cupboard I chose for myself! The bunch of stuff hanging there are all the camp name tags I got over the years.. 🙂
The ever messy table.. It’s termed the rolzo dump.. 😛

My ever inviting bed.. WARNING: High Gravity detected!! ZzzzZZZzz…~ 😀

One of my love language is Words/Affirmation.. I’ll line up heartfelt notes and pics with loved ones & friends to keep me going… Hee..
At the foot of Mount Rolzo…

& of cause not forgetting the little glow-in-the-dark stars I painstakingly put up across my ceiling..

Sigh.. it’s time to PACK UP & go..

Today as I ponder on it, somehow I was glad about the arrangement as I could see GOd’s hand on it. I recalled on watchnight communion, P.Larry did prayed that pa ma & i will experience family together… As for waigong it is great for him to experience family too.. Esp with little bundle of joy Nicole around.. SoI think all things does work for good for those who love HIm(ROmans 8:28) I am glad GOd helped me to see His intention in this.. Which gives me reasons to smile and know that He is good.. 🙂


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don’t worry girl. you’ll settle in soon. The only constant is change. =]

Comment by marie

hey gal.. thanks for e note.. how have u been? 🙂

Comment by rolz911

hey jie.. if you need help in shifting, let me know.. since i so free now.. haha..

Comment by Jane Mei

hey thanks gal.. 😉 Am trying to confirm things, start packing and plan when to shift. Maybe near CNY period or last week of Feb. Hope u’ll still be available then.. I’ll chk with ya when I confirm stuff ya.. 🙂

Comment by rolz911

My mad aunt just died yesterday afternoon.. She collapsed and just died..

Comment by rolz911

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