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Ah gong Juan..
Friday December 1, 2006, 1:36 am
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MY waigong..

The damn scary machine: MRI Scan (30 mins)
If I were waigong, I’d probably to worried if I will be burnt or something when they insert me into the “chamber”

waigong said something me today that warmed my heart.
I asked if he wants to have some minced apple and he said he wanted it to be “gar”.. I was thinking wa.. tt’s gonna be hard.. where to get tt.. Then he said in hokkien, “gar liao zhuo nun puay.. ji lan ji puay..” which means juice it and one cup for u and on cup for me..  

Then thought alittle he said gar jor ji puiy, ler puah puay, wa puah puay.. ah ni diyo ho.. Which means juice into 1 cup, half cup for you and half cup for me.. that will do…”
I was baffled.  
That drove me to try. I told him to wait for me & took the apples to the foodcourt and pleaded with auntie to juice it for me. SHe said that it was against the policy and it’s not about $. I stood there in a daze for a while cuz i dunno where else I could go to get that done… So I just stood there and felt sad that I couldn’t get this done for him.. She later made an exception and took the apple and juice it for me! but of course on the condition that I have it mixed with one of theirs. She charged me $1.50 for 1 apple juiced! but tt was nothing to me as I got THE apple juiced~!!

He was delight to drink the juice and he meant what he said. He sincerely wanted to shared it with me.. He didnt change his mind and want the other half when I offered it.. I drank the other and it really touched my heart.
Waigong is a typical hokkien man who does not show much affection or talk much. I was touch when he related to me in his tender love, unmasked without any need for pretense..

I was really touched. HOw I wish I could record those words and listen to it again  when I think of him next time.. How I wish I could decide for him to receive Jesus as His Lord & Saviour. I really want to have him in heaven..  


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