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Wai gong in Hospital..- Too bad, so sad? Now, what’s wrong with me..!!
Tuesday November 28, 2006, 5:13 pm
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Wai gong had a bad fall yesterday.. So bad that it left him on the ground for 8hrs. My uncle found him on the floor shivering when he came back from work.. Rushed him to the A&E @ TTSH. When we settle everything it was already past midnight. Dunno what’s into me nowadays, I tend to be more objective. Which means to say I will think if there’s anything I can do to help the situation. If not, I wont really fret or get emotional about it.. Probably just wait or move on with “life”. I was more like that last night. Though I felt a little sorry for him when he recounted the incident and was a little worried when I could find him in the A&E earlier but I was laRgely ok.. Maybe just exhausted at the end of it all..

Today went down to see him in the morning. First thing was I found out that no one gave him breakfast as he was not allow to eat earlier! After doc gave the green lights, there was no breakfast available… Duh…!! I gave him mine and help to make some arrangements for the things that he need. Waited a long while to get to talk to the doctor. They found that his heart enlarged and thus keeping him under observation & queuing for the heart scan.

 Pda came and talk to him. I was amazed at how open wai gong was and he talk alot with him. I explain that this is my bok si (pastor) from church. He’s eyes litted up when he saw him. The sight as if someone spotted a saviour. I felt really touched by the kind words of assurance tt pda gave him. I could never been able to find those words for wai gong. Maybe it’s the culture hurdle that I was haven’t difficulty to cross. & all that I was used to in relating to wai gong. I never saw him cry before. To be more precise, he wailed. I was a little shakened. After that I was a little zonk zonk.. A little kon kon..

I didnt even realise how trumatic it was to be left helplessly abandoned for 8 hours with pee all over, trembling and not knowing what’s gonna happen next. It sounded like information when I heard it…. I failed to feel for my wai gong. It broke me when he broke down and lament that he will not recover.. I got a little emotional.. AlMost teared.. Pda said we need to schedule ourselves to be there for him cuz it had been a very trumatic experience for him. I believe it was great comfort to wai gong because finally someone understood the truma that he had experienced. I will do my bit on being there for him..

I cant believe how indifferent I have grown. How cold I have become. Have I been afraid to feel..? Or issit that I kana infected with a typical male brain that rationalises stuff.. Arr…. I think something’s wrong with me… God pls fix me…


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Heyyy ! WEEWEE … i reply u on my tagg board le…hahas..

Comment by shaelynna

To all who are praying for my wai gong,
Latest update:
He’s diagnosed with Pneumonia, heart and lungs are enlarged, acute pain in the hip area,(cough triggers pain). Cant sleep well in the night but appetite is ok. Condition is stable and currently queuing for a special scan.
Please pray for his salvation.

Comment by rolz911

Latest update: Waigong having fever 39++degree celcius and wasn’t very cooperative with the nurses. I think he’s becoming more edgy and negative. Kept saying it’s useless and tough to be alive. Later in the night he started vomiting. It’s some brown fluid. Went on for about 2 hours until nurse administered a jab tt sent him dozing off to sleep. Am a little frustrated that I am having difficulty sharing the good news with waigong with my very limited hokkien. Arghh..!! I’m tired.
LEt’s hope for a better day tomorrow.

Comment by rolz911

Hi Carol.

Sorry to hear that your grandpa has fallen down and is in the hospital. Read ur post. I feel it is tough to express something to someone close to ur heart, esprecially when u cant communicate in the same language. BUT let this not stop you from expressing what you want to, for ur grandpa is old and in pain now. U may never get the chance again. Soothing, caring words, and spending precious time with him mean alot now.

And please, that is nothing wrong with you my dear girl. Its natural.. u just need lots of courage. And you’ve got it.

Will send love and light to u and ur grandpa. May he get well soon. Take Care.

Comment by Kat

Hey kat thanks for the little note.. 😉

Found out that the brown liquid was blood. Doc order NBM and put him on drip. Now what’s NBM? Contrary to popular belief no it’s not Need Big Mac. It’s NIL BY MOUTH. Kept him company throughout the whole of today. Help sponge him as he was having a low grade fever. Assure him when nurses come round to do the different tests. Putting myself in his shoes, I think it’s quite scary when strangers comes ever now and then to poke u with needles, draw ur blood, move ur limbs, press u & etc… & u are sort of left at their mercy. If they are nice and can speak ur language they will explain so just imagine when they dont. I think it helps if someone is around to heep him company.

Accompanied him to go through the MRI scan in the evening. They tried to do tt yesterday but he jump off the machine before they even push him in there. When I went down with him I understood why. The design of the machine looks like a furnace at the crematorium! I was in the room with him and patted him left to assure him of my presence.

P.sunny & Bro. david came to visit during lunch time. I could see waigong appreciates the visits and the care concern extended to him. In the evening Pa ma came too.. Pray tt God will reveal Himself to waigong in a special way.

Let hope for a better tomorrow

Comment by rolz911

LAtest update:
Doc concluded that he is gonna die any time… He’s heart is enlarged and he said it’s just a matter of time. Nothing they could do at this stage but to wait for his time.
Waigong does seems to hallucinate a little. Please pray that God will reveal Himself to him!

Comment by rolz911

You and he are both in my prayers. I remember a few years ago when my grandfather was on his last days. He began to hallucinate and live out memories of events that never occurred. My grandmother was a bit surprised by a few of the invented memories since they were of activities that he never expressed interests in doing in the past. Fortunately he lasted until my cousin was able to fly in from Hawaii so he could see his grandchildren. He died later that night in his sleep.

Keep your spirits up and keep spending time with him. It will mean a lot to you in the future. Keep the faith.

Comment by modu

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