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My GP Suddenly died in his Sleep..!!
Tuesday November 21, 2006, 11:20 am
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I found out today that my GP died! I was dumbfounded. Shocked.
Was reading the papers on sunday morning that make me aware of such cases happening and wham bang today my GP is dead! It reminded of the recently screened movie Death Note which a book that was given to the mastery of a person who has the power to determine who will die with the inscription of their names. That marks the start of a series of unexplainable deaths. It gives me the creeps as these sudden deaths has no specific causes and all of them are young ones! Or issit that such cases do happened but it so happen that media took an interest to report about it and therefore highlighted it. Really shocking.    

 My thoughts:
Live life a day at a time… Say what u need to say.. Do what you need to do.. Let not fear hold you back alas you died with regrets..

Never assume you will live another day..

Question of concern:
Have you acknowledge the Saviour who died for your Sins?
In case there is life after death…. You better.. Alas you find yourself stuck in a wetched state of suffering eternally. (We cant say we are not aware of this as all religions echos the same notion in regards to Sins and the sufferings that follow in the after life. -Only Jesus Christ said that He died on your behalf.)
Never assume you will have another day to think about it..

Never assume you will have another day..

Take care!


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