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Idol Craze+NKOTB~>Faista= Glutonloony time..!
Tuesday November 7, 2006, 3:01 am
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Today the Sin idols pop by to do voluntary work.. It was the filming of the “Wish  upon a Star” programme that will be out some time late Nov. Got them to pack and distribute goodie bags at King George SCC. Of them all I think HADY is the cutest!! Smile’s great.. aiya I din really follow the competition but at least I know Hady & Johnathan la..~! After everything’s done, I decided to park my image and pride aside – Turned crazy fan mode for once..  ha.. had fun.. Turning to HAdy I went “hey, can I take a picture with you?” He went, “me??”
Yup.. isn’t he cute.. haha..! pure idolism.. 😛

As they were leaving, fai came up and Hady shook everyone’s hand including fai’s.. Fai looked up, puzzled huh huh..  who’s that..  why he shook my hand..? Haha.. so funny la…

Then off we go to see this little fella..

Welcome Jaykin..!! waky waky..  😀

Then it was faista time…! Let the kingdoms unit… – There shall be INCREDIBLE UNITY..

here’s the siao on faista kaki..

Round 2 – Sweet fruity treat.. Can rem what it’s called

It was a great time catching up lame one.. ha..! Cheerios to Tripodhood…! 😉


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