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PH – Was rol Raya-ying?
Tuesday October 24, 2006, 6:51 pm
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Sorry.. this is a sUper belated post.. the week after PH has been super duper crazy..!! Plus quite a few of the pic are higer resolution so troublesome to resize for bloggy.. sigh.. NEvertheless.. better late then never.. so yup.. 😉
Monday – night
Chai came over & couldnt wait till tomolo so we went to play badminton at 12 midnight downstairs..! Wa… really need eagle’s eyes to see the shuttlecock in the dimness..!! Ha but we had fun nevertheless.. 🙂

probably it’s the excitement of what I anticipated the day to be, suprisingly I managed to wake up ard 8am though we sleep late the night before..
Chai was craving for breakfast: prata @ jalan kayu! 

SO as the SAbbath rule: The heart & emo rules..!! – Do what they fancy..!! 😉

9am: Off we go….. Weeeee….! 😉 
😯 SAd case is prata shop only opening at 10.30am cuz of PH so we detour & decided to head elsewhere..
As we go along I spotted a lane and decided to bring chai to the Animal Resort.. Deferred breakfast.. hee..

10am: ululu.jpg Did a few turns and finally arrived..

This is where geeses & birds of every kind roam “freely”

10.30am: We got what we wanted..

But mind you.. this mushroom cheese prata cost $7!!
According to chai they use fresh mushroom.. 🙄
12noon: Because it’s so pen kan to be outdoor at this time of the day so we retreated back in the comfort of my little nest..

3pm: Rain rain go away la..
When finally decided to go play badminton, it started drizzling that turn into a pour after a while.
Guess what we did instead?

I removed:
—> 1-1.jpg from —> haircut2.jpg

so here one for the album..!

4pm: Evening after the rain..

Cycle all the way down to bike shop in hougang while we swing by one of the kopi show for lunch. It’s wantan Mee… Sorry no pics for this. Was too hungry and gobbled up everything!
After we bring down the seat to a MUCH more comfortable height for chai, we went for the second spin.
Here’s the furthest point we went..(Noticed something here?)

Then we drag our bike with every ounce of energy we’ve got.. Finally made it back home…!
After recuperating chai ON me for badminton…! yeah!!
We play until my arms and limps like jelly.. Still remember I groaned..
“Ah… I.. am very tired liaooooo…..”
as I reach out to whack the shuttlecock.. ( like majiam slow mo… haha..) 😆

It was a great PH and Chai thank you for the company..! Ms. Siao Onz..! 😉 


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