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A day@work:The RECEIVER:A box u’ll never know what u gonna get..
Wednesday October 18, 2006, 12:41 am
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picture-13.jpg Actually I got nothing better to do while waiting for my aunt to pick me up.. Was fiddling with my webcam & ended up having a good laugh at myself doing this..! haha.. quite fun.. Self entertainment ditto.. I really burst out laughing at the end of it..!!
So here allow me to present to u.. The many facets of Rolzo@Work.. TADA….! 😉

9.30am – Fresh & polite..”Sure, no problem.. let me check…”
HUh..? someone shoot a “jiao ba boh tai ji zhuo” idea…
picture-15.jpgWu liao…!
picture-18.jpgHmm.. should I tell her..?
picture-12.jpg “ay, I’ll call u back..”
sometimes it a never ending story e e e eee..They press 4 me again..! Arghh..
When my pitch render a further discussion. Yipee o…!
picture-10.jpgSometimes I get calls that shock the daylight out of me…
Har…….. ay how many events do u need…?! (u noticed that suddenly the outside very bright? Ya.. that’s what I mean la.. Daylight came outta me and I sat in inner darkness) 
Moment of contemplation… I need to regain my sanity.(humm.. get back my light..!)
On the negiotiation table: Ok.. now tell me.. what’s ur agenda.. Lai puay..!
picture-2.jpgOphoos! #CAUGHT ON TAPE# 
haha.. majiam huh..

Actually at the end of the day, whatever it is, I just need to know I have help get someone to provide help for someone. I’m happy. & that’s good enough to worth the sweat… 😉


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haha.. what an interesting thing that you did.. this is so funny.. hahaah

Comment by Jane Mei

really super bo liao!! lol.

Comment by marie

aiya.. that’s why I parked it upon Boh liao mah.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

u really super bo liaos…butt horrx…very artistic ??

Comment by Shaelynna

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