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Thanks to all well wishers!
Monday September 11, 2006, 6:05 pm
Filed under: Rolzo Award

Wanna thank all who have in your own ways image033.jpgbless my heart so much during this rolzo period. Thank you all for the thoughtful efforts you’ve put in, the heartfelt words that had been spoken, the quality time spent, splurging $$ on me and little notes of love u’ve sent me.. I am so bless!! Thanks for blooming in my garden. You truly are the wonderful colors  of my life in this world of grey..

Birthdays can be one of the most awful day in a image063.jpgperson’s life. A lot of times, expectations or the desire to be appreciated builds up as the day draws nearer. Some ended up feeling miserable cuz what happened didnt measure up to their “fastasy”. Some start to zero in on that certain someone who did not remember their special day. So? end up being a bittergourd la..  


image007-2.jpgI realise often times we forgot to remember the One who made us. Turning it into a time of thanksgiving of His faithfulness and presence in our lives. Being grateful for giving us the breath of life that we inhale and exhale each day to keep us going. Thanking Him for keeping me healthy and safe thus far.. Let the joy well up within you and be glad to be still alive! Remember your maker ya..! 😉

So once again thank you for everything..! You’ve being a blessing..!!


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let my first comment be significant enough to wish u happy birthday! i hope u had a good one. =]

Comment by marie

hihi.. i thou of just leaving a tab.. have a great day at work.. see you over the week end

Comment by Jane Mei

Hey thanks thanks dearies.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

Yo – did you get my sms greeting on your birthday? sent all the way from down under? hope you had a good one anyway and from what you wrote – you must have had a good one!

Comment by Aileen

hey Aileen!!
yaya thanks so much for your birthday sms.. very touched when I saw it. 😀 Love you lotz sis.. I cycle lesser since you are gone.. No where else to cycle to for home-cooked dinner..! Miss you. how r u down there?

Comment by Rol911

oh good. I was wondering if you received it! You are always welcomed to my house still – just call up my mom or sis and say you need someone to sayang you la, or that you need superb coffee! Also you are welcome to go play on the keyboard. Its still in my house! Thank God for His hands upon my life down under here! talk to you more in a email. what abt you? how are you doing?

Comment by Aileen

aiya.. paiseh le.. kk we chat more.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

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