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It’s Spring clean and paint paint Sunday..!
Sunday August 20, 2006, 1:12 am
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Was at home the whole of today.. Didn’t even go out for food! Plain laziness led me to call for home delivery KFC.. – How exciting right? :roll:When I can’t see my table top or the color of my floor then it’s red alert.. Spring clean due!! Spent half a afternoon packing my room. Mostly stuff I bought over at BKK.
The rest of the time I was.. guess what?


Haven’t paint for about more than a year!! Finally got interested again.. Ha! 


This piece got stuck in my room for more than a year.. It’s a gift that I have been procrastinating to complete! Partly because I I got stuck at doing the faces. – Dun really know how..!

So here’s the amateur artist all ready for her second attempt! 😉


Painting take up quite a bit of time. Preparing & clean up is no joke.. Aiya.. coming to think of it, forgot to take a shot of me kana a red streak on my face at the end. That could bring my point across..! – A gd pic speaks a thousand words! 😀


Scrap off my mistakes.. Add depth.. Let them see..! hee.. 😉

That’s all for tonight..! tired.. I announce the job is finally….

Half done..

P.s. pama.. hope to get it to you by Xmas2006! Fingers & all.. crossed..!


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