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Macpherson Primary – where you’ll find some of the poorest children in Spore..
Wednesday July 26, 2006, 11:18 am
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Went over to Macpherson Primary for a meeting yesterday. The principal took us on a tour around the school. – His pride and joy. 😉 There were scluptures, colorful paintings and meaningful words..  Amazes me how he utilize almost every space there is with Art and stuff mac6.jpgthat introduce values and principles of life! What’s more is throughout our tour we were greeted by ALL students whom we cross-pathed! They did it cheerfully. No prompting required. Some even walked towards us for that! I could sense that the principal is well loved by the students. Ahhh..the experience almost make me wanna give up my job and join them as a teacher! :DMy teaching friends will tell me, ” Hey wake up your idea, it isnt that simple!!” Yaya I know.. I’ll probably have problem getting past the challenge of getting up at 5.30am to get ready for work.. haha.. 🙂
It isnt easy working with children from a needy background. Many of them lacks a positive role model to pace themselves after. Some have a defeated mindset tt they wont make it no matter how hard they try. Some have warpped perspective of life which many of times result in them being the next social problem. So educators out there you have do have a higher calling to meet these lives and influence them with good stuff that you believe it. & of course lotsa patience required.! No sweat..? Nah.. lotz..    

Check out the artworks;

Yupz.. it was racial harmony day last week. & they went all out.. It’s great! I felt as if I walked into some exhibition/art gallery. It will be cool to meet the teacher behind all these work! Great job- Clap clap..! 😀 Wonder if I should pick up ceremic classes.. Hmm..

In the course of my work, I get to experience cultures of different schools. Every school to me is like a new aquaintence. Some just pass me by, some stays longer in my heart.. Some may even stay forever.. Perhabs a manifestation of the leader (Principal or some gungho nut..?) Some are cold/indifferent, some pure/childlike, some serious/intellectual, some rowdy/rude & the list goes on. hmm..interesting..

Hope you had a good day? 😉    


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