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Flamboyant sighting & weird occurance all in 10 mins..
Saturday July 22, 2006, 3:10 pm
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Was on my way to meet Chels for lunch @ Mad Jack. There was this super bright couple that was walking ahead of me. It’s not only super bright, it’s super flamboyant lor…! I was thinking you folks gotta see this! Took out my phone, I hastened my steps & snap, tilt it sideway, snap as I walk past them… (Naughty right..? tt’s the spontanous me lah..) 😀
See! So please couples if you are ever in a bright cheery mood and wants the world to know, please avoid ending up looking like that hor.. This is super overpowering manz.. I almost got the looking at the sun effect manz..!Another thing happened in the next 8 minutes.

As I walked past them, upon approaching the little in road, there was this car that seems undecided if it’s moving. So what I do? I dashed across la.. Got in to Mad Jack & was trying to spot chels but she hasnt arrived yet. I went over to the counter to place my order. Chels sprang up next to me out from no where! Then I was like.. “Ah.. there you are.. what to eat & etc…”

Then rem about the car incident earlier. (It was so fleeting that doesnt even suffice to be an incident so to speak)  The driver, a caucasian came up to me and said, “Hey I was driving and I saw u dashing across. Do you live around here? Thought you might want to get a cup of coffee sometime.. Do u live around here..?” I was like thinking what!!? I was thinking Yeeks..What do you want from me..?! arr…! All I rem was I kept saying, “No.. my church is nearby. Nono.. my church is near by..” Then before he left he said I often come around here for coffee so if you are I’ll be around the corner.. STRANGE.. 😯 so WEIRD.
Dont think I am particularly pretty that day.. strange man.. this is totally not in my culture maybe something perfectly normal in his. Actually thinking back I was quite flattered 😳 but it was freaking me out at the same time! 
I dunno what say you ladies? Would you say yes to this kinda approach? 


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i’ve got a fren in sch wu will walk up to girls he meets in buses and askes them for their hp number.
and after tat he’ll keep smsing them. =D so this one considered mild by him

Comment by ryan...

Hmmm.. so it starts wayback then for some… I think this one seems bolder le. I mean he want to do a real conversation over coffee. – I mean how else up close can you get with a stranger? btw mind if I give an advice for ur friend. Give the gals a break la.. Dont sms silly qns and be a pain in the neck yar.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

i almost fall from my chair when i saw this pic of the couple..

clap clap.. for their bravery.. u will never ever see me in their style.. stylo milo~


Comment by Nana

wrt the ang moh. pls, dun ever end up looking like a typical SPG kaez?! hahaha.. actually it differs from people to people. maybe it’s the chemistry, maybe it’s the sixth sense, watchacallit. haha. if i were you, i would IGNORE it. ang mohs always look for cheena chicks one lor.. hoho. dunno what’s their fantasy about it, perhaps they like zhang ziyi, or gong li? hehehe.. anyways, my advice to u is: be flattered, wake up and then, move on. heheh =P

Comment by Rei

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