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Impromptu: I got burnt! Ouch..
Friday July 21, 2006, 1:32 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Was out at the once in a blue moon hangout with the 109 last night… So happen tt simin also picked up salsa some time back in Australia. Everyone got pretty interested & so it was an impromptu swing by union. – was thinking great cuz kenneth, michelle and folks are there too..!Sad la I wasnt geared for dancing. My heels has no backstraps! Some folks suggested, “dance barefooted la..” & I thought yar maybe huh…? Went for it..Guess what..?? my foot got burnt!
check it out… –> myft2.jpg

Boo hoohoo.. 😥 Only realise it next morning on my way to work and also discover that we actually use the right foot for spinning.. ha..

Moral of the story Never dance barefooted unless you are fine with getting this.. 😉

So now nursing my baby foot in ICU (intensive care unit) taking the pulse read. haha..


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