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Ubin Cycle 9th July, Sunday
Monday July 3, 2006, 12:31 am
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Yo.. Am organising a ubin cycle trip. Didn’t managed to go the other time as tian bu zhuo mei.. A HUGE dark cloud blanket over the lovely blue skyline and before you know it, it started raining!! Our spirit dampened. I felt so stupid in my sport gear in the face of a great downpour.. ZZzzzZZzz.. KOoon manz..! fed up really.
Anyway since we cant change the fact that our cycling trip is down the d-rain, we switch our gear the random plan B.  It was pool, checked out interesting little shops at hougang mall area then we headed down to chinatown for tian ji zhou! We drifted around like tourists in the cool of the night.. It was quite restful just drifting around and discover activities, experiences along the way… Finally settled down for dessert- Ah-ballings at mei shi street with a ger tai with amatuer oldies blarring out their numbers at a distance.! Interesting how that actually brings out the flavour & atmosphere of chinatown though.  

Some snaps;

Zorros…..? 😀

image070.jpg image069.jpg
Dinner time! ;P

This is like so Duhhhh..! but the ad make me wanna grab a coke..! And we did..! has.. 😉

Hey wait.
I’m suppose to jio you all for cycling trip.. how did i ended up telling you grandmother story. has!

Ok.. Now I am really serious about the trip this coming Sunday. Sure onz. (pray for fine weather hor..) My principle: it just takes 2 to go… A crowd’s quite fun too.. 😉  So if you interested and I will fill you in with the details. No probs to jio your other friends to come along but just a note of caution that everyone will be responsible for their own safety yah.. So pls ride safely. So yupz.. game for it? drop me a note, let me know. 😉


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