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My holyday..! ;O
Sunday June 4, 2006, 2:59 pm
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It happened to be pentecost Sunday, P. Bryan shared that in 1906, exactly 100 years ago, God poured out His spirit upon people @ Azusa Street, Los Angelas. That started the Pentacostal movement that led on till today! The Spirit of God continue to work in miraculous ways that broke the "laws of norm and science". – The Spirit loves to blow off our minds! Leaving us completely baffled.. πŸ˜‰

We celebrated communion – Doing this as often in remembrance of Me.
Communion.jpg He was pierced for my transgressions. Thank you Lord. I will never forget what You have subjected yourself to to redemn me.. I really dunno how you've managed.
After service, laine and I parted ways an decided to head down to Ikea for swedish meatballs…! ;P'
Whenever I'm there I will insist on a window seat. Yes, only that row by the window & preferably the one at either end.
Finally settle down for lunch! cream of chicken soup, meatballs & Heladiv Earl Grey. πŸ˜€


The only sad thing is it's was super bright and sunny..! One of the best times I was there was when it was pouring outside. The luxury of inhaling the lovely scent of the earl grey and slowly sipping the hot tea is most perfect! Ahh… the simple things in life are so fine..

When I am out alone, when I get bored or when a certain word caught my attention, I will evesdrop people's conversation and be that passive listener. Sometimes I will have very friendly folks that will have a little chat with me.(aunties, foreigners all inclusive) But most of the time I would wanna aviod that la..   

The LAughing Dad episode

LaughingDad2.jpg LaughingDad1.jpg LaughingDad3.jpg

To the point version:
What's so amazing about this dad is when the kiddo make a booboo (poured the cup of water ALL over due to overexcitement to drink of it) He just look at her with this amazing amused look and he just laughed and chuckled. He then steadily, single-handedly changed her. Kiddo aint easy I tell you. But he managed. Clap clap..!! πŸ™‚ Mum is so cool and composed. She was watching all these things going on and didnt even comment on anything. Just steadily munching her food.

 Man.. tell me about enjoying your kid's moments, this guy does exactly that. He "celebrated" the sillyness of the kid(which is appropriate for her age) rather than jumping into judgement on what she's not doing right.. ha.. After Dad lovingly changed her and he lets her try drinking again. This time she lets him guide her. It was a happy ending. They all laughed! ha.. so cute isnt it..?

This is so untypical. Usually kiddos would have gotten the runme down lecture on how they should not do that and all which usually resulted in a drama rama episode of varying degrees.  

Food for thought:
Sometimes when people make booboos in our lives, must it always be such a big deal?  


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depends on the person’s maturity. in that case, the kid is a kid, afterall. thus, the dad will laugh and give her another try. but if the person is of a certain maturity and commits a boo-boo, when he/she is of a certain age to discern what is right and wrong, then a big deal would be made out of it most prolly.

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