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Mad rush Sat.. It’s the only me vs. the gang of PhoneS
Saturday June 3, 2006, 2:19 am
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I was finally wOKen up by the screaming Eline and I told a look at it.. 3 Missed calls at 10am.. I really sian ji puah (Fainting- flip effect).. :'( Did a quick recap of all the communications I need to do while doing the morning regimes. To perserve my sanity, I did a m-filing and queue them up.

1st I need to sms to remind folks of communion serving & dress code (I will go the extra mile to personalise each sms with the person's name and any changes needed based on my previous communication- I for one dislike receiving mass sends and spams…My philosophy – If I dont like it, I wont do it to others.) In the course of it, found out 1 of them forgot to tell me she's not in town but thankfully found Laine to fill in. In end realise that almost everyone cannot make it to prepare communion. All of them have valid reasons but I can't do it alone leh..! I was a bit shocked but nope, no time to stay shocked. Told myself never mind see how to do it. My mind raced ahead to scan for possiblities and solutions.  

Number 2
Sms volunteers on route info. My colleague wasn't feeling well on Friday and I had volunteered my help so that she can go off earlier.. – Wa this is super tedious when it's done manually!) In the end, I had to break this up and do it in between the small pocket of time I had throughout the day till laine came to my rescue at the end of the day.
Side note on smsing, I hate doing long smses!! Don't killl me with a sms chat. It's a super duper minus! I might boycott you altogether. I'd rather you call really.. No apologies for that!  

Third thing
2 Last minute replacements for Saturday came in.. – At this point, I'm ready to scold people liao…! I gasped, " Argh..! Lord, help me.." ;( 
In amidst of all these, a call came in that resulted in a few calls to trouble shoot the situation. I am literally stuck with the phone! Took a look at the clock, Arrrh…!!! I gonna be late soon. Rush into shower and zoomed down to TCC.

Thank GOd that what is needed to be done have been done by His grace and interventions. Was glad that Pauline was with me to move the giant table & Chunyong popped by to help. Terence and CC appeared later to help too.. Appreciate that! 😉 Had a later then usual briefing but we managed.  Bumped into Laine at the bus stop on my way home, and she helped to finish off the remaining smses. Even the headache I was experiencing earlier dissipate towards the end of the day. Thank GOd.   


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Erm…*ahem*… anything I should know about the saturday-night-dinner-table-meeting at meeting place…? 😉

Comment by PDa

aiya… a friend just came over and chatted while waiting for his friends la.. Nothing like what you think of la… How got any nice guys to intro me anot..? ha…! 😛

Comment by rolz911

hahaha pDar being a matchmaker?? woooT~

Comment by Rei

mama carol tat day u call me is it because of this? call u never reply me call. hahas. whenever u need help u can come find me ya.

Comment by shumei

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