Rolzo Speaks…

No GOH, oh nO..!!
Thursday May 11, 2006, 6:33 pm
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FFTH will be having a launch event for an initiative that will help 114 needy families from a neighbourhood school. This initiative will provide them with Food Goodie Bags containing non-perishable food items on a monthly basis hence forth. I was getting really worried as there is no reply from Mr. Tharman's office for weeks! I need a credible GOH! Arrhh… I was getting desperate.. On my way to work this monday morning, I was thinking about all these in my mind. 

All this while I was thinking: "Die, if not then invite who?"

After following up with some calls, I finally got a reply from Mr. Tharman's office.
It's a NO.
His secretary said in a pinched nose,  squeeky voice, "Mr. Tharman has prior engagements on that day. Sorry.." I imagined.

Heer… my fear was realised. Die…  Then suddenly I recalled the small gentle voice in my mind that kept speaking to me "Hawazi Daipi.."  It's in zixuan's voice! k k.. Dun freak out, let me explain.. I think our the my mind records the first voice that uttered a strange configuration. Nothing spooky here.. πŸ˜‰

We have a few other MPs on our list but I decided to follow that voice. I quickly run a google search on him and guess what I found….? He is Senior Parliamentary Secretary of MOE & MOM. He is also one of the MP of Sembawang GRC where the school is under! BINGO…:cool:  Like a thristy pligrim dashing towards the sight of an oasis in a desert, I quickly proceed to "get him".

The thing about GOH invitation is, we can only invite 1 at a time. If it's a NO then can proceed to the next on the list. Just imagine, I could have been going round in circles like that and might possibility end up with NO GOH!! i'd end up a very dried up prune. purple and deio deio…

I really think this is a supernatural guidence from my God, Daddy & Friend. Man I don't even know who this guy is, let alone know if he will eventually say yes to me. But my sovereign Daddy knows.. Hee.. So a BIG Thank you to YOU Daddy..  YOU definitely deserve a Rolzo award but… hmm.. how to pass to YOU har..? I don't think YOu will get it if I burn right? ha.. I think You are probably watching me as I type this… ha.. πŸ˜‰

Love ya.. πŸ˜›


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hi!! Finaly visited your blog. =) shall link you. Glad to hear that God is working in your life. Press on for Him! =) })”({ love u! hahas.

Comment by hannah`

oops. just read that part about not linking you. shall remove the link. i actually followed ryan’s link here. yup

Comment by hannah`

Oh woah…I din noe my voice became so impt siahz…haha…Anyway, I hope the event will be a great success!! Jia you~!!

Comment by Zixuan

wah… burn ah… Christians leh.. hahahhaa.. lamey..

Thank God for that guidance and wisdom! I know how difficult it is to get a GOH. I’ve tried it before and it’s not easy. =)

Comment by Rei

Thanks thanks everyone…! Yupz.. God's good and rel manz… & He watches over us!
Btw: No prob hannah, didnt know that will come up till I visit you folks blogs and spotted that.. Please help spread the word. Those who still wanna come musn't tip toe in la.. Approval of comments means you are welcome.. πŸ˜‰ hahas.. <—- realise you young ones like to use this huh..? actually sound not bad.. hmm hahas.. Gonna miss you guys over at cell ya cuz gotta work. It's the Passionball – FFTH's annual fund raiser gala dinner. See you folks on Sat!! πŸ˜‰

Comment by rolz911

Hello to you Carol from Brent here in Utah. Thank you for inviting me. New to this stuff so please be patient. Hope God is blessing you in every way. Wish I was sitting with you three gals (Carol,Veron,Aileen)at a eatery laughing and having fun.

Comment by Brent Brewster

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