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Weekend SALE Bonaza.. My top kill.. ;)
Monday May 1, 2006, 10:36 am
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 Image059.jpgOver the weekend, I was over @ Parkway for the crazy SALE.  Looking at the crowd is enough to make my head spin… 😦
                                                       See ———– >

The “crazy” sale here is nothing compared to my earlier cheapo rol on the go lobang la.. That one is really out of this world la.. I gotta come down to earth. 

After walking around a little, we (Lyd & I) decided to just get what we need and retire for ya kun kopi session…
Now, that’s a perk.. Kopi cheers with Lyd… No kill or great steals to celebrate but we have each other…! 😉

Lyd & I parted ways after that and I was seriously considering on leaving the “crazy” mall. I regained my composure once I plugged on my headphones.  Ahh.. the music soothe me.. As my energy recharges, I took another look at the mall and decided to give it another try.. Somehow the crowd looked more adorable with the music on.. ha..! 😉

I had my audio atmosphere in control… 🙂

I was focused..


in tune with my desires…

I galloped into the farsides and explored unchartered territories…

I stomped into Clubmarc and the other hunters: “Heer….” in shock and awe. Taken aback by the sudden invasion. 🙂

I survey the field quickly with precision of an eagle.. I spotted a few choice kills and zop down immediately.. 

Check out my beef…. 😛
Marc Club Bag.jpg

My top, most satisfied kill of the day..

Had always wanted to get a nice rivet leather bag but never come across any to my liking.

This one fits the bill..

I like matted gold finishes, girlish pink is fine with me and it’s time I get something that’s has higher threshold of stress and tension.

I have got lotsa bags and about 75% are made of straws and twigs which wears out easily under my lordship.  

So in the end, there is really something to celebrate.. A quiet inner bliss.. A grinning Rol walks out of mall. Then I took a look at my watch and horror of horrors.. I’m going be late for dinner with Ah ma…! Ahh…

That’s my sunday episode this week. 😉 Wonder how was yours? 🙂


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That pink bag is absolutely the dope man!! haha!! I’m so jealous!! -paulz

Comment by Rei

Hee.. Yeah…! 😉 Die, then cannot go shop with ya else we will chio…! ha..

Comment by Rolz

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