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Ah ma knit project Part II: Knit Aspirations…??
Friday April 28, 2006, 7:49 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Remember I didn’t close off from my knit project.. Here’s the part 2
I aim to be…. Ching..!
A rich Tai tai with all the resources on her hand to do whatever on her mind…! ha.. Kidding la..

 Bing….! knit face1.jpg

The power of photoshop… 😉

Food for Thought:
Look at the picture perfect faces of women in magazines, TV shows and yar da yar da.. Did it ever cross your mind if they are really all SO PErfect? Poor women of the world. -Those who strives for these surreal standards. All the $$ and time spent in beauty parlours.  All the pain of botex injections to stay.. hopefully forever young..

I’m not saying we totally disregard going for such stuff. I for one am guilty of going for at least… a monthly hair nutrient steam la… I am someone who takes pride in dressing well for the occasion. I think this is basic self-respect. What I am really saying is, basing our self-worth on looking picture perfect. Enslaving ourselves to match up to a picture that is probably enhanced many times by computer softwares. 
As if we can’t face the world with no make up on? Feeling depressed cuz an acne broke out, bad hair days? Or hoping to have that someone’s… nose..?

To all women of the world. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the person that God has design you to be. Only take a man who love you just the way you are. A man who see the you on the inside and go crazy over you because you are you. Enhance your character because I feel that’s what truly stand the test of time.- The reverse effect. More radiant as you aged… 😉 Lift up your glasses, let’s toast for being a woman..! (we get to wear pants and got more stuff to choose from when we go shopping. AND we wont get any judgement except when go binding our chest & spiky hair.) If you ask me again I would still wanna be the “weaker” sex.. ha..!


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