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Cheapo Rol on the go…
Saturday April 22, 2006, 7:19 pm
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LAst Sunday my aunt jio me to go shopping…. She said, "you wont believe the kind of deals there…!!" I was reluctant as it came with a disclaimer…

" You gotta dig for the steal…" 😦


  Anyway, there I was with her…

Actually more of to spend time with her la … 🙂 

Image055.jpg   Image052.jpg Hey check out my spoils…! 😉

Image0221.jpg It's was celebration… kopi cheers…! 😉

Image051.jpg  =   Image046.jpg Can you believe it ??! 
I can't… I'm still shock now….! ha..

Image043.jpg One of the highlight was this… Very good material and it's got sequins!!

     this –> Image047.jpg Check out the sleeve!

 For the plainer ones like this Image048.jpg spruce it up with a belt..  Belt.jpg Tada…! 😉

so it was a good sunday..

Other stuff I did that day?
Coffee with jo @ TCC SMU and later met gary and lyd for dinner.. It's Gary belated belated birthday treat.. dinner by the waters… and of course in between stuff I'm still knitting away… ha…! 😉

For the past few weeks, I have been complaining that my wardrobe look so uninspiring..
This lobang came like an answered prayer… 🙂
Most of the stuff are in autumn colors and mostly long tops which I like and what's most incredible is IT SO CHEAP!! I mean I would have gladly paid $13 for any one of them..! Man I can't believe it! ha…

would you be unglam to appear there digging up steals?

For this kinda steal.. I would… Cuz it's worth it..
Anyway, how much do you pay for being glam..? real cost + ego cost…  


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