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Where am I going.. Seriously dun ExACTLY know either..
Tuesday March 14, 2006, 12:56 pm
Filed under: En Spirituas
Sometimes I wonder if it really matters where we are heading. Oh, maybe it does, considering all the effort we take to get there. – It better be something great! Having the wondrous thought of what’s at the end does keep us going no matter how treacherous the way seems to be ahead.
But then again, can we be absolutely, 100% certain without a shadow of doubt of what’s ahead is what we thought it will be.Now, if we do exactly know then where is the anticipation, where then is the thrill of discovery? All I need to know that this is the way to go and I will be totally overwhelmed. I will then witness the true essense of beauty in it’s full splendor and glory. He’s so real to be a figment of my imagination yet It remains so mysterious, a realm higher then the realm of dim reason. I somehow know it will be all worthwhile. This way is not for the faint hearted. It’s the pligrimage of the victors. However, no matter what lies ahead, I know that it’s totally safe cuz the journey has been paid in full. It’s just a matter of time I’ll get there.
He says to me, “Daughter, thrust yourself forward.. Free fall into the realm of complete surrender. I’ll be there to catch you. I promised.”

Arrr…He’s after my life!! I bet He might be after yours too. 😉

My subaru challenge is to keep walking this way. No matter how treacherous, no matter how deep, steep or cold. No matter how inviting the waving meadows on the side will call out to me to come build a little nest and rest. I know I gotta keep walking.
Will you come walk this way with me? This is the way to all that truly last.. I hope you will come along too.. 😉


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