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Where’s did my heart go…?
Friday February 24, 2006, 8:42 am
Filed under: En Spirituas

Somebody jio me to the prayer meeting few days ago.. To be frank, I went half heartedly.. It has been almost a year ago since I last step into a wednesday prayer meeting. I rem that last time I went with a broken heart. eh? not too bad hor.. I progress from broken to a half.. Ha! 😉
The atmosphere was electrifying. I sense His almighty presence in the form of waves that lapped over me. I know He is there. I know full well..

Faith is beyond the realm of reason. It’s mysterious and cannot be contain within the box of human understanding. Rationalism says as long as I don’t understand then it’s nonsense! I think that’s plain arrogance… Reason tries to make sense out of everything and label that Science and still leaves many unresolved whys, hows. Rationalism attempted to understand a human being – We call that psychology. With all it’s theories of human science, tell me, can we totally understand a make up of the mysterious creation of a person? It differs even between 2 brothers who have silmilar family background,a reasonable education and etc.. but they often turn out very very different.

Someone asked an interesting qn over MSN today. What’s the relationship between imagination and faith? he asked. I thought about it for a while and concluded this;

“Imagination is boundless and wild but that’s where faith is conceived. If it is put to work, faith then materializes and shows itself.”

Faith is more than just an imagination. It looks stupid to those who does not understand but courage to the one who seeks to step into it’s realm. It’s the great unknown, limitless and infinite…


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