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love sick..? Nahh… I’m just waiting..
Sunday December 4, 2005, 7:51 am
Filed under: Love stories

Have you ever met someone that you feel so comfortable being with but resist the thoughts of possibly being more than friends? Of course there are obvious reasons why not but I think I ought to search deep within to understand myself better… What I am looking for.It’s really hard when you go shopping with a specific something that you are looking for. An idealitic wonderland? Alice’s? More often then not, you are likely not to have gotten much on those kinda trips. Think that very much explains why I ain’t attached. Am I being too a picky-idealist or just never got to that state of falling in love?

State-of-falling in love? BEware.. It’s a filmsy little butterfly that flutters around and when you look again, it has flitter fluttered away… That’s what we termed “a crush”. Then there are the ‘nice to have” folks but are taking way tooo.. long…! or am I just plain impatient? But then again, when I studied that possible existance of such men that I am looking for, chances are really way slim to find them.Times I felt bored and let down my guards to just have a little fun! (decent ay, no r-rated! I love myself.. ;)) But it just didn’t take too longer to get me into trouble. Having fun at the expense of breaking hearts is really a terrible thing to do. I better behave myself!!

God, you will provide yar…? I am still waiting. True love waits.. Whence thou senth my love…. I cast my longing glaze…


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